About Us

We serve stamp collectors and dealers with Special Stamps direct from our postal hubs in Germany, Korea, United Kingdom and USA. Singles, blocks, complete sheets, bulk or per ton. Everything from artist stamps works, artworks, essays, black prints, proofs, progressive proofs to specimens. If you so prefer, imperforated stamps, booklets, coil stamps, overprinted, official stamps, postal stationery, semi-postals, se-tenant, test stamps, emergency stamps, school stamps, triangulars, complete sheets, uncut sheets, unissued stamps. Also errors as inverted print, misperforated, colour and paper errors plus more.  All for the common stamp collector or the specialist but for every ones pocket to get something special.

The site is updated every month and with new specialized categories to come for to match our huge assortment  Whether you are looking for Special Stamps or KILOWARE enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to serve you. Welcome to sign up for our Newsletter Account Login (postpillar.com)

PostPillar´s Kiloware offerings, the world largest assortment. Over 100 countries and are categorized by Kiloware Whole World, Regions and by Country on or off paper. We also offer several different levels of quality of the Kiloware.

The Top Kiloware category: StampBag
Contains almost only large and commemorative stamps.

The Medium Kiloware category: MissionBag
Contains a good mix of stamps, definitives and commemoratives.

The Low Kiloware category DjungelBag
Contains what is sorted out. Almost only definitive stamps. Good for bundles, searching for varieties and post marks or for Papier marché and Stamp Art.

The Specialized Kiloware category; GoldBag
Contain a specialized group of stamps. Like only high values, only semi-postals or only christmas stamps etc.

The Lazy kiloware category:LazyBag
Contain stamps OFF PAPER.

The take out and return kiloware category: ReturnPack
Contain stamps OFF PAPER.Take out a specific amount of stamps you like and return the rest.