ReturnPacks - off paper

-Buy what you like and return the rest.

Every ReturnPack pack is different. Containing older and modern stamps, specially selected from our stamps mixtures off paper. Also contains duplicates with different cancellations for the specialist.

Two different quality categories for Whole World, Western Europe, Great Britain or Germany and Germany DDR (East) and specials like semi-postals. Or higher values, which is above normal letter postage.

-Pick the stamps you like from the ReturnPack, up to the amount of stamps in the description.
-Return the rest OR keep all stamps for the extra small fee.

The quality categories.

StampBag - The top category of KILOWARE. A StampBag contains almost only large and commemorative stamps.

MissionBag - The medium category of KILOWARE. A MissionBag contains a good mix of stamps, such as definitives and commemoratives.

DjungelBag - The low category of KILOWARE . A Djungelbag contains what is sorted out. A DjungelBag contains mostly definitive stamps. Good for bundles, searching for varieties and post marks or for Papier marché or Stamp Art.