On Paper

What is KILOWARE-on paper? Kiloware consisting of used stamps on paper, cut out from envelope corners and parcels, and is generally sold in large quantities such as by the kilo, hence the term KILOWARE. PostPillar offers several categories of KILOWARE and all KILOWARE bags are sealed with a RED LABEL that guarantees that the ‘quality matches the product’. Each product name gives a good description of the product content

StampBag - The top category of KILOWARE. A StampBag contains almost only large and commemorative stamps.

MissionBag - The medium category of KILOWARE. A MissionBag contains a good mix of stamps, such as definitives and commemoratives.

DjungelBag - The low category of KILOWARE . A Djungelbag contains what is sorted out. A DjungelBag contains mostly definitive stamps. Good for bundles, searching for varieties and post marks or for Papier marché or Stamp Art.

GoldBagBag- A very specialized category of KILOWARE. A GoldBag contains a specialized group of stamps. Examples are bags with only high values OR only semi-postals etc.