B3 Artists Stamps Works

Stamp artist´s works are small artworks, a finished painting, a drawing, a photo
or made in any other form by a Stamp Artist or just his or hers preliminary sketch.
Approved or not approved for stamp printing. Most stamp works are signed on front
on the reverse side like the omnibus above. This stamp work was sold by us in 2010
to a thematic (topics) stamp collector of omnibuses.

These pieces of art originate from the stamp artists´ private archives,
the postal administrations´ or when outsourced from an agent´s stamp archive.

Most stamp artists produce more than pieces of art for stamp production. Therefore
not only stamp collectors have interest for "Artists´ Stamps Works". They can be
found framed and hanging on walls in private homes. Or a thematic religious motif
stamp work in a temple or a beer stamp at a bar. Always related to a collectors´
collecting field or related to a company´s or institution´s services/products
or reflecting social commitments or historical connections


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